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I like to lock into deals whenever I can. Summitt, along with a bunch of other resellers, buy natural gas in massive amounts and then calculate a monthly fee based on a period of time (your contract.) I think it all works out in the end, or at least that has been my experience. When their salesguy came to the door he seemed a bit rushed, but after talking to him for a while I realized he was new and kinda nervous. He agreed to come back another day so I had a chance to look into natural gas prices and where it looked like they were going to go up. I decided to go with the company”
- Mike
For me, it made sense to lock in the rates for electricity because of how much they have already fallen. Since demand is going up in my area, or it looks that way with all the local construction and reports of economic growth, I figured that the cost could only go up. Then I heard the Finance Minister report that electricity costs will rise almost 50% over the next few years as the province puts more money into making green electricity. I’m glad that they are going green, but I can’t afford to have my bills go up by that much. ”
- Mel
Summitt Energy are a good company to buy energy from. Their customer service is the best I have had so far and unlike the gas company they are not arrogant when you call. they received a wrong reading of my meter when I joined four years back, they were really respectful and very ethical in sorting out the whole thing without a complaint. I always receive the bills on time, and they are pin-point accurate, and are very well explained. And I have never had to wait for more than 3-4 rings before their customer service answers the phone. I really appreciate their service and would recommend it to one and all.”
- Raymond Moriyama
Having a contract with Summitt Energy saved me a lot of hassle when I moved because I was able to take my contract along with me. It made for one less thing to do during the period of transition.”
- Trudy
My financial guy tells me that natural gas prices are lower than they have been in about 10 years. So, I figured it would be best to lock in at these low prices before an increase happens. My guy might be wrong, and I might be wrong. But I now know what my bills are going to be like over the next little while. I can’t keep watching energy prices everyday and moving my supplier from one to the other – how much money will that cost me? This way makes more sense to me, so I’m happy with it even though I know that some people disagree. To each his own!”
- Christine
It seemed like it was all over the news about rising prices in Ontario. I’ve just moved here and didn’t realize there were options to buy my natural gas or electricity from anyone other than the provincial supplier. Maybe this is new, but I liked the fact that I have an option in who I buy from just like I would have for any other product or service.”
- Carl
For me, signing up with Summit Energy worked out well. A friend of mine who I recently saw told me that I was lucky to sign up for a flat rate before those sectors went up in cost (and value, I guess). It has worked out well. We’ll see what the world of energy looks like when my contract is up.”
- Louisa
I hear a lot of grumblings about Summitt Energy. As a marketer, I can appreciate both sides of the coin, so I checked them out. They have an FAQ section on their website that tells anyone who bothers to read it what exactly people should look at when they are wondering who to buy energy from. It’s very common sense and transparent. As a marketer, I know for a fact that that’s the best any company can do.”
- Edmond

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